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Tim Brown

Tim Brown
fotografo - (Italian)  photographer
fotógrafo - (Spanish, Portuguese) photographer

I am a Yorkshire - based creative photographer producing work somewhere between documentary and fine art. 

After working in various fields including oil exploration, computing and complementary therapies, I decided to follow my heart and to concentrate fully on photography. 

My family background embraces painting, needlework and craft on my mother's side and print media on my father’s. Unlike others in my family, I  never took to drawing or painting but I have the same innate need to express myself visually and have discovered that photography allows me to do this.

I work predominantly in the landscape - countryside, city centres, suburbs and fringes, areas of decay and regeneration. I own and use digital and a diverse range of analogue equipment. I tend to work digitally where resolution and details are key and analogue for a less easily-definable aesthetic quality of work.  

I graduated this summer with a first class honours BA in photography and am now studying for an MA in digital media at Huddersfield University. I am enjoying  the ongoing challenge and involvement with photography theory and practice..