Work from my MA project "Roman Surfaces" now on display at Cafe Lento in Headingley, Leeds. A mix of framed giclée and larger foamex prints, the latter complementing the rough brick wall. 

My inspiration came from the writing of Carlo Levi in Fleeting Rome and particularly the following paragraph:

“There are things that stay in their places, occupy their particular spaces, and live their lives so naturally and so truthfully that they are invisible. The everyday eye passes over them without quite seeing them. We walk past them, we look at them, and we fail to perceive them, perhaps because they are so much a part of the world not distinct from the whole: like a column or a cornice, necessary and hidden, in a harmonious piece of architecture, or a single world that blends in with the rest of a complete sentence. To see them is a discovery, a leap into a different dimension of existence: when we do, another world opens up to us: the entirely real world of continuity.”

Plants and Seeds (Piante e Semi) Carlo Levi 1958